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Glossary of Internet Terms

Email Forwarding
Email forwarding is a term used to describe the service of forwarding any emails sent to your domain (someone@yourcompany.com) to your existing email address provided by your ISP for example you@youraccount.freeserve.co.uk This is a simple way to set-up email for your web site. You can also set-up your email program to reply using your domain name rather than your ISP's address. This firstly looks more professional, and secondly frees you of any ties to your ISP. This allows you to change your ISP if for example another ISP is offering a better or cheaper service.

POP Email Account
A POP Email account is an account on our servers where email sent to your domain is stored. You can then set-up your email program to collect these email as and when required. We offer two types of POP Email accounts : Standard and Antivirus A standard account simply holds emails ready for collection. They are not scanned in any way and the standard service does not provide a method of checking or replying to emails via a web page which is commonly known as webmail. An Antivirus POP account holds emails ready for collection only after they have been scanned for viruses or malicious attachments. An antivirus pop account also offers a webmail service allowing you to check and reply to your emails from any internet connected computer in the world - ideal for business people on the move.

Domain Name
A domain name is the term given to the address of your web site and email. If you register the domain name of yourcompany.co.uk then your web site address would be www.yourcompany.co.uk and your email address would take the form of you@yourcompany.co.uk or sales@yourcompany.co.uk or anything@yourcompany.co.uk A domain name is an important part of your internet presence. For help in choosing the right name see our guide to registering domain names.

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. It is a program that runs on a server that performs a task and then presents the results back to the users browser. HavNet uses unix based web servers and uses Perl to perform all CGI operations.

Web Server
A web server is a computer that has a constant connection to the internet and a fixed IP address. This computer holds your web site and delivers it to anyone that enters your web site address into their browser. Our web servers are regularly backed up, have generator backup, are kept in a clean a secure server room and have redundant connections to the web for resiliancy. You can be sure of high reliability. HavNet uses Sun Cobalt servers running Apache on a unix operating system.


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