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If you're looking to set-up an online shop then ShopWise is the fast way to get going ...

No technical knowledge is required - If you can fill-in an online form - you can manage your shop!
ShopWise provides you with a choice of templates - each with a unique style and design. Once you have chosen the style, you can choose the colour scheme and finally you can populate the site with your products. Updating your site is easy and you can do so as often as you want.

Here are some of the unique features of ShopWise :

  • Section your products with sections and subsections
  • Upload a picture for each product - ShopWise automatically resizes and optimizes
  • View statistics for each product
  • Product search facility
  • Simple integration with PayPal Secure server for collecting credit card information
  • User managed information pages
  • Home Page management - Intro text, show special offers or selected products
  • View Shopping Basket
  • Current basket value shown on all pages

Features in Detail :

Sections & Subsections
ShopWise allows an unlimited number of sections and subsections. A section can be split into subsections and each subsection can be further split into sub-subsections and so on - infinately !
Products and even entire subsections can be made to appear in a number of sections maximising the visibility of a particular product or subsection.
Sections can be listed as a straight text list or graphically using icons that can be uploaded via the web admin system.

Adding pictures for products is easy. You can upload a standard jpeg image and ShopWise will resize it creating a thumbnail, standard size and supersize picture - automatically!
Sections and subsections can have an icons to represent them. These can be uploaded as jpeg images which will automatically be resized to an icon size or they can be uploaded as a gif image which will maintain thier size.

Each product and section has an associated counter which increments each time that product or section is displayed, providing invaluable information regarding their popularity. A 'Top 100' list is available for both sections and products. These stats can be reset at any time.

Advanced Features
For those with HTML and web design knowledge ShopWise allows the modification of the layout template. Simple tags in the layout template allow complete control over the positioning of the menu, search facility, basket, banners and so on ...

ShopWise can be configured to accept credit card payments and or PayPal payments. Credit card details are delivered to your email address securely in a PGP encrypted email. The email can be decrypted and the credit card details process in the normal 'customer not present' fashion via your credit card terminal. Alternatively, payment can be collected using PayPal - one of the most popular internet payment systems on the web.



ShopWise costs just 149 to set-up and then from just 29.99 per month.

An antivirus firewall can be added to your AutoSite for an additional 4 per month. This will protect your incomming emails from the threat of viruses whilst also providing a webmail facility for checking and replying to your emails from any internet connected computer in the world - A highly recommended upgrade.

All Prices Exclude VAT


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