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How to set up Outlook Express to collect your mail


From the Tools menu on the main screen, click on Accounts to begin setting up your new Pure Energy mail account.


In the box that appears, first click on the "Mail" tab along the top...


... and then the Add button. A side menu pops out, from which you should select "Mail..." to begin the new mail wizard.


First is the Display name. This will appear on all mails sent from this account and can be set to anything you like. Normally people use their full name here. When you are happy with the way this looks, press the Next key to continue to the next step.

  Display Name:      


Now for your e-mail address. This is the address people will see the mail as coming from when you send out e-mail and when they reply to your messages. If you get this wrong, you won't get any replies!

  Email address:      


The incoming mail server should be set in your case to mail.pureenergy.org.uk and the outgoing mail server should be set to your Internet Service Provider's SMTP mail server.



This step may look unusual to you if you are used to setting up mail accounts with Outlook. You will be collecting you mail from a POP email box provided by Pure Energy - the address of which will be xyz@pureenergy.org.uk where xyz is your account name. The password is the password that has been supplied to you by Pure Energy. Tick the Remember password box unless you want to be prompted for your password every time you retrieve e-mail. Leave the other tick box unticked. Click Next to complete the account set up.




Your window will show you now the account and any other accounts you have set up. Highlighting the account you have just created by clicking on it and then pressing the Properties button will take you to some further settings...



In this window, you can set an Organisation name to appear on your outgoing e-mails should you wish and also a reply address which we recommend is set to the same as your e-mail address. Click on the Servers tab to continue...


You should not need to change anything on this screen unless we have specifically instructed you otherwise, you window should look similar to the one below. Click on Advanced to view advanced settings...


Again nothing on this window should need to be changed unless we have specifically instructed you otherwise.


If you see this window pop up when you try to check mail, it could be that your password isn't correct or your User Name is mispelt. Don't forget that the username and password are CASE SENSITIVE, in other words upper and lower case letters DO make a difference.

If you still have problems at this stage, please feel free to contact us at :



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